Strategic HR Management is a systematic approach to developing and implementing long term HRM strategies, policies and plans that enable the organisation to achieve its objectives.


1.2.1 To direct and ensure the HR strategy is aligned to the organisation’s objectives.

1.2.2 To provide a foundation for the employment value proposition of the organisation.

1.2.3 To establish a framework for the HR element of the organisation’s governance, risk and compliance policies, practices and procedures which balance the needs of all stakeholders.

1.2.4 To provide strategic direction and measurements for strategic innovation and sustainable people practices.

1.2.5 To analyse the internal and external socio-economic environment and provide proactive people-related business solutions.


1.3.1  Translate the overall strategic intent of the organisation into HR strategy.

1.3.2  Position the strategic HR agenda as an integral part of strategic decision making and operational plans.

1.3.3  Allocate HR resources and build capability to implement the HR mandate.

1.3.4  Provide the contextual foundation for the development of the policies, plans, practices and procedures.

1.3.5  Ensure accountability and responsibilities for the execution of HR strategy is measured and monitored within the governance framework of the organisation.

1.3.6  Drive continuous improvement and sustainability of the HR strategy through planned reviews and integrated reporting.

1.4  NOTES

This standard element should be read and applied by taking cognisance of all the other standard elements, but with a particular focus on talent management, HR risk management, workforce planning, HR service delivery and HR measurement.

HR Competency Model:  HR practitioners must be able to play an appropriate role in the following outputs:

  • Participation of formulation on business strategy
  • Leadership in formulation of people strategy
  • HR Business Plan

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