HR Standard Element 12: HR TECHNOLOGY

12.1  D E F I N I T I O N

HR technology is the effective utilisation of relevant technological applications and platforms that provide accessible and accurate data, information, knowledge and intelligence that enables more effective decision-making in enabling employees towards the implementation of organisational strategy.


12.2.1  To consolidate and rapidly extract relevant data in real time that empowers more effective HR decision making.

12.2.2  To deliver effective presentation of HR data and information to board and executive committee meetings.

12.2.3  To allow easy access to relevant data in compliance with relevant data security and other information technology compliance requirements, laws, codes and standards (privacy).

12.2.4  To create more capacity within existing HR structures to deliver value-adding activity.

12.2.5  To streamline the HR Management System and its associated processes for effective use.

12.2.6  To enable the effective implementation of change and improvements to the HR Management System.


12.3.1  Formulate an HR Technology policy and strategy.

12.3.2  Analyse and prioritise all the relevant HR categories of data and information.

12.3.3  Forecast future system load/spare capacity.

12.3.4  Design the specification for the HR Information Technology system (i.e. software or purchase).

12.3.5  Upload and configure data to the system.

12.3.6  Test the effectiveness of the system before implementation.

12.3.7  Build capacity of relevant staff members to access and use the system.

12.3.8  Implement continuous improvement process.

12.3.9  Ensure HR-IT policies, practices and procedures are aligned with organisational IT governance.

12.3.10 Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the system.

12.4  NOTES

This standard element should be read and applied by taking cognisance of all the other standard elements, but with a particular focus on strategic HR management,  talent management,  employee wellness,  performance management, learning and development, HR service delivery and HR measurement.

HR Competency Model: HR practitioners must be able to play an appropriate role in the following outputs:

  • HR Management Systems and use of technology
  • Leverage of technological developments
  • Innovation

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