HR Standard Element 2: TALENT MANAGEMENT

2. 1 D E F I N I T I O N

Talent Management is the proactive design and implementation of a talent-driven business strategy directed to attracting, deploying, developing, retaining and optimising the appropriate talent  requirements  as identified in the workforce plan.


2.3.1  To identify mission critical positions and leadership roles in the organisation into the future from the Workforce Plan.

2.3.2  To set up processes and systems which will:

  • Attract a sustainable pool of talent for current objectives and future organisation needs.
  • Manage the retention and reward of talent.
  • Link high potential employees with key future roles in the organisation.
  • Identify through assessment the optimal development opportunities for talent.

2.3.4  To achieve consistent high levels of performance from employees.

2.3.5  To agree appropriate roles for all stakeholders in the development and management of talent.

2.3.6  To monitor and report on talent management key results areas and indicators.


2.4.1  Analyse the talent needs of the organisation.

2.4.2  Conduct a workforce and labour market trend analysis based on internal and external requirements and realities.

2.4.3  Create a talent management system focusing on current and future needs.

2.4.4  Engage line management regarding talent requirements.

2.4.5  Decide on interventions to support effective talent management in the organisation.

2.4.6  Conduct a talent review linked to organisational objectives.

2.5  NOTES

This standard element should be read and applied by taking cognisance of all the other standard elements, but with a particular focus on strategic HR management, HR risk management, workforce planning, learning and development, organisation development, HR technology and HR measurement.

HR Competency Model: HR practitioners must be able to play an appropriate role in the following outputs:

  • Employment Value Proposition (EVP)
  • Skills acquisition and retention strategies
  • Leadership development
  • Integration of talent management activities
  • Succession management

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