4.1  D E F I N I T I O N

Workforce planning is the systematic identification and analysis of organisational workforce needs culminating in a workforce plan to ensure sustainable organisational capability in pursuit of the achievement of its strategic and operational objectives.


4.2.1  To design a strategic workforce plan meeting the needs of the organisation.

4.2.2  To align the workforce planning cycle with the strategic planning cycle of the organisation.

4.2.3  To evaluate and review workforce and labour market trends in relation to your industry sector.

4.2.4  To ensure appropriate budgeting or cost modelling to execute the workforce plan.

4.2.5  To manage the supply of appropriately qualified people to ensure an adequate pipeline  of appropriately qualified staff.


4.3.1  Conduct skills gap analysis in conjunction with the development of organisational objectives.

4.3.2  Decide on appropriate sourcing models either internally or externally to sustain organisational performance (e.g. outsourcing, joint ventures, co-sourcing, partnerships).

4.3.3  Align workforce plan with employment value proposition and branding.

4.3.4  Translate the strategic workforce plan into operational capability.

4.3.5  Plan and implement enabling interventions to achieve your workforce plan (e.g. recruitment and selection, succession planning).

4.3.6  Develop career planning processes and programmes.

4.3.7  Assess the impact of workforce strategy and planning on achieving organisational objectives.

4.4  NOTES

This standard element should be read and applied by taking cognisance of all the other standard elements, but with a particular focus on strategic HR management, talent management, organisation development and HR measurement.

HR Competency Model: HR practitioners must be able to play an appropriate role in the following outputs:

  • Workforce planning and modeling
  • Job analysis and design
  • Assessment and selection
  • Local and international transfers
  • Terminations

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