6.1  D E F I N I T I O N

Performance management is a planned process of directing, supporting, aligning and improving individual and team performance in enabling the sustained achievement of organisational objectives.


6.2.1  To translate and cascade broad organisational performance drivers into team and individual performance targets.

6.2.2  To establish an appropriate performance management process, methodology and system relevant to the needs, size, scope and complexity of the organisation.

6.2.3  To provide appropriate performance consequences (reward, recognition and development opportunities) that attract, retain and motivate employees.

6.2.4  To ensure fair, ethical and organisation cultural practices focusing on the achievement of performance targets.

6.2.5  To create and maintain a high performance organisation culture driving sustainable performance.

6.2.6  To measure progress against agreed individual and team objectives that enable attainment of organisational objectives.


6.3.1  Develop a performance management strategy and policy for an organisation.

6.3.2  Implement an appropriate performance management system.

6.3.3  Ensure all staff are aware of the performance management process and system.

6.3.4  Establish a framework for linking reward to performance.

6.3.5  Ensure performance management system is integrated with the overall organisation management system.

6.3.6  Ensure the performance management system has  a mechanism for dealing with under-performance.

6.3.7  Establish a performance driven culture focusing on outputs and targets.

6.3.8  Evaluate the effectiveness of the performance management system.

6.4  NOTES

Performance management is a line management responsibility, supported by HR through providing processes, procedures and systems.

This standard element should be read and applied by taking cognisance of all the other standard elements, but with a particular focus on strategic HR management, talent management, HR risk management, learning and development, organisation development, HR service delivery and HR measurement.

HR Competency Model: HR practitioners must be able to play an appropriate role in the following outputs:

  • Performance management strategy, policy and processes
  • Setting of performance standards and assessment of performance
  • Performance improvement

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