Marius Meyer, SA Board for People Practices (SABPP)


It is indeed wonderful that we can all celebrate Madiba’s birthday today and honour his legacy for his contribution to humanity. However, given the challenges and backlogs we face in society, 67 minutes of your time are indeed a wonderful gesture in making a difference to humanity, but more needs to be done to create a better country for all of us. We therefore propose the following 67 actions you can consider doing the next 67 days and beyond:

  1. Donate a blanket to someone who really needs it.
  2. Always drive at or below the speed limit.
  3. Donate money to a charity organisation.
  4. Write a letter to the CEO of a company from which you received good service and mention the name of the good performer.
  5. Visit a sick patient in hospital.
  6. Start or join a neighbourhood watch to fight crime.
  7. Make a donation to a bursary fund.
  8. Do something nice for the elderly in society.
  9. Play more with children, they need our attention.
  10. Become a mentor to someone needing guidance and wisdom.
  11. Get yourself a mentor or coach.
  12. Send a friendly note to your best customer.
  13. Send a friendly note to your “enemy.”
  14. Open your mind and heart to people who are different than you.
  15. Invite an old friend back into your home.
  16. Make new friends.
  17. Exercise more.
  18. Eat more healthy food.
  19. Drink less or no alcohol.
  20. Stop smoking or smoke less.
  21. Write down your values and live them.
  22. Thank your family members for the difference they make in your life.
  23. Thank your colleagues at work for being such a great team.
  24. Start a new hobby.
  25. Donate blood.
  26. Write a letter to a newspaper about something that needs to change or improve.
  27. Stop complaining about the wrong things around you, and be positive.
  28. Write a blog, and keep it constructive to make a difference.
  29. Write down the lessons you learn, and keep on improving yourself.
  30. Keep the television off for one full day, rather use the time to talk to one another.
  31. Take a walk in the botanical garden.
  32. Pick up a piece of paper in the street.
  33. Save water.
  34. Save electricity.
  35. Park your car and take a good walk.
  36. Look after your neighbour’s house when s/he is away.
  37. For one full day, save paper and trees, don’t print at all.
  38. Leave your car at home and take the bus or train.
  39. Go to work an hour earlier and miss the traffic.
  40. Go to gym during lunch time.
  41. Adopt a cop – reach out to your local police officers.
  42. Send a thank you note to a teacher or school principal.
  43. Send a thank you note to your best supplier.
  44. Build some of your existing relationships.
  45. Call a family member you have neglected.
  46. Thank the first security officer you see for keeping us safe.
  47. Be a defensive driver and prevent accidents.
  48. Stop at yellow lights, not only red lights!
  49. Be more patient on the road.
  50. Count all your blessings – write them down.
  51. Google a culture you know little about and write down the lessons learned.
  52. Read your local newspaper and identify opportunities where you can help others.
  53. Retweet all positive tweets.
  54. Do a recommendation for one of your friends on Linkedin.
  55. Thank all your followers on twitter for enriching your life.
  56. Read the Constitution and remind yourself of the South African miracle.
  57. Join a committee where you can add value and make things happen.
  58. Read an unemployed friend’s CV and offer suggestions for improvement.
  59. Learn from other cultures at work, participate in diversity workshops.
  60. Identify a project where you can directly contribute to addressing poverty.
  61. Complete questionnaires for people asking you to help them with surveys.
  62. Get up earlier and do something totally different than your normal routine.
  63. Surprise your spouse or friend with a gift.
  64. Take a full day off and do something for your community.
  65. Buy food for a beggar.
  66. Invest some of your savings in a social responsibility fund.
  67. If some of this worked for you, do it all over again!


Yes, some of these ideas you can do every day, or at other times according to your programme. Or perhaps some of them will not work for you at all. It requires some sacrifice and moving out of your comfort zone, but by doing so, you are improving yourself and society. Let us continue to live Nelson Mandela’s dream for our beautiful country and its people.

The SABPP team decided to build on item 58 by helping students to improve their CVs. We will support students with their CVs.   We hope this gesture will play a role to empower these students with more professional CVs. Students who require help from the SABPP office can contact us on executiveoffice@sabpp.co.za



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