Elizabeth Dhlamini-Kumalo is HR Executive at SARS, one of the top revenue services in the world. Previously she was Human Resource Director of Sandvik Mining and Construction, a company dedicated to the supply of a wide range of products and services to the mining, quarry and construction industry.

Mrs Dhlamini-Kumalo was Human Resource Director at Afrox, Woolworths, South African National Parks and Fedics, and HR Manager at Nedcor. She commenced her career with Anglo-American Corporation of South Africa.

She played a key leadership and strategic business role, participated in driving and integrated business and leading the development and implementation of new HR models that defined core and non-core business and integrated transformation and human resource strategies. Optimise the National Parks Board’s transformation process, to enhance its achievement of strategic objectives to full capacity, and exercised leadership in contemporary human resources management practices. This was achieved through providing guidance, assistance and leadership through consulting and participating with the Board’s Directorate and HR Committee in the formulation and implementation of HR policies.

Mrs Dhlamini-Kumalo has her Masters in Management – Human Resources, she was the Chairperson of the 10th Board of SABPP, National Assembly of Women, founder member of Women’s National Coalition as well as Defunct Career Women’s Association

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