The SA Board for People Practices (SABPP), the HR professional and accreditation body would like to wish you all the best for your HR and Industrial Psychology exams. Studying at higher education level is a stressful yet rewarding experience and is the gateway to your future. It is the key that will open countless doors to the opportunities that await you when you enter the profession. This year we visited 13 universities, and it was wonderful interacting with many of you, as well as your academic and administrative staff at your university. We are your professional partner, and engaging with you as the future HR managers of South Arica is an honour indeed. Moreover, the launch of the SABPP student membership model and student chapters was a huge success with a high level of interest across the country (those of you not yet on board, please contact Also, check out our special student section on our website (, we created this just for you!

We thank you for all the hard work and sacrifice with your studies this year.   We also want to acknowledge your lecturers and support staff for the effort they have put in to guide you with the academic and administrative side of your studies.   We trust that you will be rewarded with good marks to open the door for a bright future as an HR professional in practice.

Please keep on engaging with us on facebook and twitter @SABPP1. Your university supported you for the last few years, while SABPP is your lifelong professional partner for the next 40 years. You have learned a lot this year, but this is only the beginning of the path towards life-long learning and professionalism.

The journey that you began in January with your study year is about to reach its end and we, SABPP, will be at the finish line celebrating your academic results with you. Please let us know on facebook the moment you receive any good news from your university. Wishing you a successful exam with super results!

“Real education consists of drawing the best out of yourself.

(Mohandas Gandhi)


SABPP greetings

Siphiwe Moyo             Marius Meyer                      Xolani Mawande

Chairperson              Chief Executive Officer              Operations Manager

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