Alan Hosking

Alan Hosking

Alan Hosking is Executive Editor at HR Future Magazine. He is also a Psychology and English graduate, whom has dedicated his career to the growth and development of people in all walks of life and across four generations.

Alan has engaged extensively with teens, first-time and experienced parents, families and retirees for more than three decades – this has given him deep insights into how to make a success of one’s personal and professional life. Alan is the author of best-seller What nobody tells a new father.

Alan is a regular speaker on business platforms, at parenting forums and antenatal classes, and has appeared on national radio and television, both in his capacity as a parenting authority and as a trend-spotter in leadership and management matters.

Alan has won five prestigious Pica Awards from the Magazine Publishers Association of South Africa, and is the founder and head of Osgard Media, a multimedia publishing house. He is the executive editor of HR Future, a global human strategy magazine, has been a contributing editor for two UK-based international HR magazines, and a regular contributor to three national parenting magazines in South Africa.

A highlight of his publishing career was managing the redesign and relaunch of former President Nelson Mandela’s personal website.

He also received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP) for an exceptional contribution to the HR profession in South Africa over the last 30 years.

As an anti-ageing coach for senior executives, Alan has developed and presents a world-first leadership renewal intervention to help executives in their fifties and sixties to “down-age” by 10 to 15 years to sustain youthful levels of performance in both their professional and personal lives.

Alan sits on the Advisory Board of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Business School and mentors highly-placed role players in the corporate and political arena.

Alan and Jenny have been married for three and a half decades, and have three daughters. He encourages retirees to live a life of significance post-retirement.

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