Launch of HR Standards Game


Launch of HR Standards Game
Malebo Maholo, Penny Abbott, Derisha. K Pillay

Today at the 3rd Annual National HR Standards Roll-out of SABPP, we have proudly launched our innovative and exciting HR Standards Game.  The game has been designed to let HR professionals and students engage with the HR Standards in a fun and entertaining way. We are thereby promoting learning and application of the HR standards in learning and working environments.  At the conference we are using it as experiential learning in gamification as delegates interact with one another and with the exhibitors, with the HR Standards being the central platform for engagement.


The game consists of a board and different coloured playing cards which are collected by performing certain activities. The game is directly linked to the HR standards. Players will shortly run to different exhibitor stands, talk to other delegates and engage in social media. What better way to learn about the National HR Standards and bring out the child in you?

40 curious HR professionals have already played Round 1 of the game, by answering an on-line pre-game quiz. They now have a head start on the other delegates, who are working hard to catch up.

Smartphones and tablets have been used this morning to do live quizzes linked to the Standards.

This afternoon, delegates who have earned enough cards to fill their game board will be able to enter a lucky draw with a valuable prize of SABPP products.

For daily updates from the SABPP office follow us on twitter @SABPP1 #SABPPHRGAMES

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