My first year as an HR Auditor


My first year as an HR Auditor
Sabelo Plaatjie

I am Sabelo Plaatjie, a General Manager at Vukani Business Solutions, an HR Consulting Company. I have over 15 years HR experience in the manufacturing, education, services and medical aid administration industries.

In my career as a practitioner in the HR environment I was always confronted by the question of how do you know if you are doing the right thing in your profession and how do you measure success. Many different measures were used to measure HR efficiencies and effectiveness and a lot of them failed. When HR Standards were developed by SABPP and adopted by the industry I was very happy and I wanted to be in the front line in the implementing of the Standards.  I immediately applied to become an HR Auditor for SABPP.

The audit process was an eye opening experience. The experience of being an outsider to the business and coming with an objective of confirming whether the Standard is correctly implemented and to be in a position to recommend areas of improvement, underlines the importance of high professional standards.

Honesty and openness on both parties in the process creates a climate where both parties can learn and improve. It’s important that the client being audited does not see the auditor as someone with a red pen to find the wrongs, but someone with fresh eye on your processes.

The benefits for the client were a better understanding of how far they have implemented and how much work is still left for them to do to be perfect. The confirmation that HR is working towards the attainment of business objectives is a big and key factor.

To companies that are preparing for an audit I would like encourage them to do so as this is the only way they may be able to measure the mile they have travelled.  The importance of holding high professional standards throughout the process cannot be over emphasized.sabelo

Sabelo Plaatjie is an HR Auditor for SABPP.  You can contact him on and read more articles on HR Auditing at the SABPP blog


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