Dr Shamila Singh: New Interim Head – HR Audit Unit, SABPP

Dr Shamila Singh: New Interim Head – HR Audit Unit, SABPP


Dr Shamila Singh has extensive experience as an academic, consultant, coach and Shared Services Manager.  She has been appointed as Interim Head of the SABPP HR Audit Unit, the first national HR audit unit of its kind in the world.   Shamila completed BBA, and BA (Hons) in Industrial Psychology degree at Unisa as well as MBL and DBL degrees at the Unisa School of Business Leadership.  She specialises in HR Management and Corporate Governance and focuses on Strategy, Talent Management, HR Risk Management, Performance Management, Employment Relations Management, Organisation Development and HR Measurement as key standard elements of the National HR Standards developed by SABPP.  Shamila is registered as a Master’s HR Professional with SABPP.  She delivered several papers at local and international conferences.  Shamila is involved in academic and research work for Unisa, Mancosa, Open University, and is the Director of Unique Consulting Services.  Shamila is doing research supervision for Unisa School of Business Leadership, Mancosa, Regent Business School, Durban University of Technology, University of Kwazulu-Natal and the Institute of Marketing Management.  She also chairs the SABPP Monitoring and Evaluation Committee to govern the quality assurance of accredited learning providers as delegated to SABPP by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations. Recently Shamila trained the UNISA HR team on the National HR Standards.


Says Shamila: “From intangible to tangible, HR is strategic and contributes to strategy and can be leveraged to gain a competitive advantage! The HR Standards Journey has ignited the recognition and acknowledgment of HR’s contribution to business success.  The National HRM Standard System (HRMSS) provides a measure to benchmark HR Strategy, policies, systems, procedures, processes and practices.  The HRMSS is applicable to all sectors and size does not matter.   The results of HR audits have been positive and allow HR professionals to be acknowledged, affirmed, identify areas of development and celebrate HR best practice.” 

You can contact Shamila on hraudit@sabpp.co.za or +27 (11) 045 5400.  More information about SABPP is available on the website www.sabpp.co.za  or twitter @SABPP1



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