How to be an assertive HR Standards Ambassador: 7 ways to find your way by Siphiwe Moyo

How to be an assertive HR Standards Ambassador: 7 ways to find your way
by Siphiwe Moyo


The National HR Standards Journey has continued since May 2013, and we are now entering the fourth year of this exciting journey. We had hundreds of in-house and public events all over the country and nine other countries, and yet, the challenge remains for HR to position and leverage the HR standards as a powerful mechanism not only to get its house in order, but also to significantly raise the bar for HR professionalism, significance and impact. Here are seven ways to accelerate your impact as an HR standards ambassador:
1. Talk about the National HR Standards and live it. Let us show our HR colleagues and line managers that we will make it happen. Retweet all SABPP tweets about the HR Standards (#hrstandards @SABPP1). Spread the message.
2. Don’t apologise, be bold in HR. This is not the time to be humble. Let us be great ambassadors and champions of the HR Standards. We are no longer lagging behind, we are world leaders, let us live it.
3. Don’t be anonymous, be known. Show up at every event.
4. Say no to line when necessary. If they violate the standards, let them know. Don’t be too accommodative. The HR Standards will improve HR, line has to follow us, not the other way around. Be professional in what you do, we are not people who have failed in production and “moved” or “dumped” into HR. With the National HR Competency Model as our foundation, we are competent and the HR Standards are the foundation of our professional practice. You are not alone, you have thousands of other HR professionals all over the country and several other countries making the standards work.
5. Understand your behaviour, do continuous reflection on all matters affecting the HR profession. Live the SABPP values and your company’s values.
6. Never make excuses for not delivering, just deliver and deliver fast and with quality. If you are good at making excuses, you are not good for anything else.
7. Don’t tolerate poor performance from your staff. Be an HR person with backbone. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t compromise your standards, don’t compromise the National HR Standards. Let us take our profession forward.

If you are serious about the National HR Standards, stand up and be counted. Use the HR standards file in your daily work. Share it with your teams. I want to thank the thousands of HR professionals from all nine provinces who have been involved in the HR standards journey. This year we will celebrate the outcomes and results of the first 17 audits conducted in five provinces. The National HR Audit Framework is a world first. I hope to see you all on 27 and 28 July in Midrand to learn and reflect on this significant milestone on the HR Standards Journey.


Siphiwe Moyo is the Chairperson of SABPP. He will deliver the Opening Address at the 4th Annual National HR Standards Summit in Midrand on 27 July 2016. Visit for more information. You can follow SABPP on twitter @SABPP1 and Siphiwe on @SiphiweMoyo

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