Limpopo HR Managers embrace HR Standards by Marius Meyer


Limpopo HR Managers embrace HR Standards
by Marius Meyer

On 3 June 2016, the human resource (HR) professional and quality assurance body, the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP) elected a new committee to drive the HR profession forward in Limpopo. This election was a key element of the SABPP Highlights event at the Peter Mokaba Stadium in Polokwane.  This is part of the provincial strategy of SABPP in advancing the HR profession in all provinces in South Africa.  SABPP is also responsible for accrediting universities all over the country, including the University of Limpopo, Venda University and Tshwane University of Technology.  SABPP already launched a student chapter at TUT Polokwane Campus to empower the HR youth in Limpopo.  Kgabo Lelahane of Tzaneen was elected Chairperson of the SABPP Limpopo Committee, and Sidney Morethe (Polokwane) and Danie Swanepoel (Tzaneen) as the two vice-chairpersons.  They will be supported by a committee of 12 HR professionals in Limpopo.

In essence, this opens the door for HR Managers in Limpopo to become part of the successful National HR Standards Journey that has made significant progress in other provinces.  In Limpopo key successes in becoming part of the professionalisation of HR with clear standards and competencies have already been achieved. Some milestones on this journey are as follows:

  • A group of HR Managers have been trained on the HR Standards in Limpopo;
  • Some auditors in Limpopo have been trained to audit companies against the HR Standards;
  • The first group of HR Professionals as Commissioners of Oaths have been inducted;
  • The HR Standards have been presented to municipalities in Limpopo in 2015;
  • Student chapter presentations were done at the University of Limpopo, University of Venda and Tshwane University of Technology, Polokwane Campus;
  • A total of 152 HR Managers in Limpopo already signed up with SABPP;
  • The newly elected SABPP Limpopo Committee will drive HR standards in the province.


From left to right: Kgabo Lelahane (Chairperson: SABPP Limpopo), Marius Meyer (CEO),
Danie Swanepoel (Vice-chairperson Limpopo), Sidney Morethe (Vice-chairperson Limpopo)

To build on the successes already achieved, a clear HR strategy will be developed to fully professionalise HR practice in Limpopo.  SABPP is mindful of challenges pertaining to skills gaps, corruption, poor talent and people management in some parts of the province and many other socio-economic issues.  The goals of SABPP in Limpopo are as follows:

  • To create awareness in ensuring that HR Managers in Limpopo meet the National HR Standards;
  • To audit organisations in Limpopo against the National HR Standards, and to support those HR Managers once gaps have been identified during these audits;
  • To build the capacity of HR Professionals in meeting the competencies of the National HR Competency Model;
  • To establish and grow student chapters at universities and other learning providers in order to empower the HR youth in building a sustainable pool of young HR professionals entering the HR profession in Limpopo;
  • To empower, support and accredit local training providers to limit dependency on Gauteng providers and to contribute to skills development and entrepreneurship in Limpopo;
  • To engage with key stakeholders in the province to leverage human capital for socio-economic development in Limpopo;
  • To provide networking and sharing opportunities for HR Managers in the province;

While the SABPP Head Office in Johannesburg drives national policy and strategy in accordance with its HR Voice strategy of SABPP, the Limpopo Committee will be responsible for developing a strategy and plan to achieve the seven objectives outlined above.

Cathy Hassiem of the City of Polokwane and Vicky Joubert of The Palabora Foundation were the first two HR professionals recognised publicly as newly appointed Commissioners of Oaths in accordance with the Justices of Peace and Commissioners of Oaths Act.  SABPP Professionals have now been approved as Ex-Officio Commissioners of Oaths by the Minister of Justice, Advocate Michael Masutha.


From left to right: James Madula (SABPP Limpopo Chairperson 2014-2016), Cathy Hassiem (City of Polokwane), Vicky Joubert (The Palabora Foundation) with SABPP CEO Marius Meyer.  Cathy and Vicky receiving their stamps as the first two HR Professionals in Limpopo publicly recognised as Commissioners of Oaths in the province.

Xolani Mawande, Chief Operating Officer of SABPP inducted HR Managers in Limpopo about their new role as Commissioners of Oaths.  He highlighted the importance of ensuring that copies of documents may only be certified as true copies if the Commissioner of Oath has seen the original document. This will make the jobs of HR professionals easier when they need to certify documents such as copies of ID documents or qualifications.  In addition, HR Professionals can now also administer affidavits.

We also shared an update about the National HR standards with delegates.  A total of 13 national HR standards have been developed, ranging from strategic HR Management, to Talent Management, to HR Risk Management, to Workforce Planning and ultimately HR Measurement.  These standards can now be audited by auditors trained by SABPP.  Already 17 such audits have been conducted in five provinces, i.e. Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal, Free State, Western Cape and North-West Province.  When I challenged the Limpopo community to become involved, Louis Olivier, HR Manager from Hillary Construction put up his hand as the first company in Limpopo committing to be audited against the National HR Standards.  He received enthusiastic applause from the audience.  The two areas in which the 17 audited companies in the other five provinces under-performed were talent management and HR measurement.  The aim of the HR professional body is to support companies in all provinces in meeting the National HR Standards and Limpopo has been prioritised as a province to raise the quality of HR practice.  Interestingly, a Limpopo HR Manager was the first person in the country to book for the 4th Annual HR Standards conference taking place in Johannesburg on 27-28 July.  I am proud of the involvement of our Limpopo HR Professionals in ensuring that HR Standards become a reality, not only in Limpopo, but throughout the country.


Marius Meyer is CEO of SABPP. For more information about SABPP in Limpopo, contact the committee on and visit the website  or follow SABPP on twitter @SABPP1.




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