On behalf of the Exco of the SABPP Board, we would like to thank the HR Professional community for their support during 2016.   On 18 November the Board had it last meeting of the year, and then joined the Annual Committees meeting, a special occasion in which the different committees share their experiences, challenges and future plans. This was also a wonderful opportunity for the committee members to learn from one another and to apply integrated thinking within the spirit of the King IV™ Code of Corporate Governance.  I want to thank all the committees for their hard work throughout the year.

As we start our planning for 2017, let us use this opportunity of reflecting on the year 2016.  It was another exciting and busy year for SABPP with several highlights:

  1. Launch of a new vision, mission and HR Voice II Strategy for SABPP;
  2. Fourth Annual National HR Standards Roll-out Conference at Vodacom World in Midrand;
  3. Many in-house HR standards presentations;
  4. Our most visible year in terms of public conference exhibitions and presentations;
  5. Conducting six audits against the national HR Standards and release of 2nd Annual HR Audit Tribute and 1st Annual HR Audit Awards;
  6. Development and launch of Labour Market Scenarios 2030 Report;
  7. Visits to 16 university campuses and several student chapters formed;
  8. Green status in terms of uploads on the National Learner Records Database;
  9. A new record of 1068 HR professionals registered this year;
  10. Increasing our regional footprint to eight provincial committees;
  11. Good international recognition such as a visit by the largest HR body in the world, the Society for Human Resource Management from the USA, a visit by an Indian HR association to SABPP, as well as the first group of HR auditors trained in Zimbabwe;
  12. Participated in the development and launch of South Africa’s first talent management platform, Talent Talks;
  13. Establishment of three new committees, HR Citizen to champion volunteering work, and HR Governance to build a national HR Governance framework, and Change Management Committee;
  14. More than 100 articles published on the Internet, newspapers or in magazines;
  15. The construction and launch of SABPP’s first training room;
  16. Excellent growth in social media interaction with more than 11 800 twitter followers, as well as an Instagram account opened.

The above deliverables are clear evidence of the commitment of the SABPP Board and staff to build the HR profession.  Given the impact of the above successes, as the Exco of the SABPP Board, we are confident of yet another successful year as we get ready for 2017.  We will focus on key actions to drive the HR Voice II strategy of SABPP, and further expand our capacity to deliver according to the needs of the HR professional and learning provider markets.

I hope you all enjoy your well-deserved holiday.  We wish all our stakeholders a good time of rest with family and friends and we look forward to engage with you again next year.   Travel back home safely and have a blessed New Year full of new opportunities for making an even greater impact than last year.


Marius Meyer





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