The 10 D’s of ensuring a successful 2017

 By Marius Meyer

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The year 2017 is here and while most South African employees are enjoying the last part of their annual holiday season before the start of this year’s work, it is also the time when people start to prepare for work.  That is also one of the major differences between talent and non-talent.  Normal employees simply arrive at work to be told what to do by their bosses. Talented employees have already been through a clear thinking process before the first working day of 2017 starts.  They know what they will do this year, they also know what they will do differently to achieve success.  Talented staff don’t wait for things to happen, they make things happen.

In this spirit of positive affirmations and a clear vision for yourself, I want to share some guidelines for talented employees in focusing their goals, objectives and actions for 2017.  I present them to you as the 10 D’s of success:

  1. Dream: Have a dream on where you want to be in December 2017.  By the end of the year you need another holiday, but you want to look back and say this was a great year full of successes and achievements.  Follow-up on this dream by visualising your success.
  2. Direction: Ensure that you have clear direction on where you want to go to in 2017. Be focused around clearly defined and specific objectives to achieve.
  3. Differentiate: Decide upfront how you will differentiate yourself this year.  Remember that you are competing with other talented people.  Be different with a clear strategy of differentiating yourself and the value you bring to the organisation and society at large.
  4. Dates: Work through your diary and make sure that all key dates and milestones are clearly visible.  Start planning towards these target dates and stay on track.
  5. Determination: Be determined to achieve success. Be positive, focused and determined to attain your goals for the year.
  6. Dedication: Once your goals are clear, the next important thing is to commit to these goals, thus you need to be dedicated in executing your plans, even when you encounter obstacles.
  7. Digital: While there may be some uncertainties in 2017, one thing is certain – this year will be more digital than previous years. Get up to speed with the latest technology and ensure that you leverage technology in accelerating your success.
  8. Do things: While goals are essential, achieving them will not happen if you don’t follow-through with clear actions.  Make things happen. Do things in a focused yet results-driven manner.
  9. Development: Realise that you may need to develop some new skills or talents this year. Adapt your personal development plan to ensure that you grow and develop yourself. Also, develop those around you to multiply your success.
  10. Diversity: Think how you can leverage the diversity around you – your colleagues, your teams, your partners.  Build a culture of diversity to enrich your thinking, experience and behaviour.

There you have it – the 10 D’s necessary to set you up for success in 2017.  Your own unique skills and talents are what make you successful, but some good thinking and planning could be just what you need to make this year your best year yet.  A positive mind-set is a good start, but some clear actions are needed to make this a reality.  The key question is: How can you optimise your talents this year in achieving success?  Have a great 2017!

Marius Meyer is CEO of the SA Board for People Practices (SABPP).




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