Quote of the Week by Marius Meyer

23 January 2017


“First do the small things well if you want to do great things.”

People often pursue big projects or initiatives that are complex and strategic in its scope, design and implementation. Therefore, they are often overwhelmed when things get too big or when things go wrong. I have learned that all great things start with small things. For instance, you cannot write a 10 page report for management if you cannot do a good 1 page letter for a client. You cannot arrange a meeting for 30 people if you cannot do one for 10 people first. Get the basics right first. Do the small things well. Not only does if give you a quick win, it helps you to build your confidence and stretch yourself towards greater, more complex and more significant tasks and achievements. Work towards greatness by achieving success in small things first. You are as good as your last task, no matter how small that task was. Do it well and then move to greater things.

By Marius Meyer, CEO SABPP.


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